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's stores without qualification --- "in the" circle "of the real estate agent, in the Department of Yi Jia (Beijing) Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. and is not particularly from the eye, and even stores suddenly closed its doors did not cause too much waves, signed a contract and intermediaries Mr. Pan until rent delay no Daozhang the only to find the intermediary stores has become a small restaurant and rent out the house, the money has to do not come back, encountered this situation, not only Mr. Pan. reporter from the Municipal Construction Committee learned, Wui easy Corporation and ternary East Bridge Road, registration, and other than that the stores were not engaged in intermediary services the qualification. "rent delay Daozhang the intermediary becomes small restaurant public Mr. Pan Wui Yi Jia (Beijing) Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd. (referred to as the" Department of easy home) signed a contract in June 2011 and located toward the Dajie a one bedroom rental entrusted to the other,louboutin pas cher. "Hosted" nature, he is a year and Wui easy once the contract signed by the intermediary companies will rent each year into the account of Mr,abercrombie. Pan. "My first year was not a big problem,lunettes oakley, the second year signed a new contract, the last contract until August of this year,abercrombie france." Mr. Ban said in mid-August last year, JCI home staff told him to rent yearly change for the monthly payment of 4,100 yuan per month. "It stands to reason on January 31 this year, they should give me pay rent in February to February 7, but I love to go to the bank to check the rents have not hit the card,oakley." Feel wrong Mr. Ban will give intermediary company called. "Write property consultant contract phone has been able to get through a telephone call, and had to give them store who answered the phone told me that they have to stop the business." Mr. Ban said that when he came originally signed a contract Sanyuanqiao shop, the intermediary company had "disappeared". Wui Yi the home Sanyuanqiao shop situ reporter went to Xiaoyun Road, after making inquiries, learned that the store before the Lunar New Year has not, has become now the site of a small restaurant operators said the previous are not aware of. Intermediary company "disappeared" damaged more than one as a homeowner Mr,abercrombie. Pan after various efforts, find it difficult to find an intermediary to get back the remaining rent, and when he came to his rental house, tenants do not even know the intermediary The company has "disappeared",abercrombie france. The lease Mr. Pan house is a mother and daughter,louboutin, from which they exchange easy home rental price is 4300 yuan per month. Payment of rent in accordance with the ordinary rental contract "charge a pair of three intermediary companies require to pay one month's rent in advance,mulberry outlet, which is equivalent to the mother and child" charge two pair of three ". "Thing since it has been out, and tenants are affected by the loss of rent little girl soon the college entrance examination, and people pay rent to the intermediary, I felt right about asking people to go." Mr. Pan and quickly asked this on mother and daughter do not pay rent intermediary company again. The two sides through consultations, if the other party needs to continue renting the rent to the Poon, but Mr. Pan lost three months' rent, the tenants also lost a deposit of two months. Had the same experience and more than Mr. Pan, Ms. Qiu You'anmen set of one bedroom, a price of 2,350 yuan per month, she leased to the Department of easy home Tianningsi. Clerk to call "a while ago, the tube of my house Wui easy to notify us sixty-seven homeowners, said the store closed its doors, we rush to money." Ms. Qiu said, and so she went to the Department of easy home days Ning Temple shop to the store's door has been locked,mulberry. Intermediaries doing we owe a quarter of the money, more than 7000. "Police in the investigation are statistical victims of March 28, the Department of easy home Tianningsi closed the door, a door close" cheated homeowners and tenants to Shuangyushu local police station, "the notice. Ms. Qiu said, after she the Shuangyushu the police station, the police told her that the alarm has been more than 200 people. Haidian police official said, the Wui easy Tianningsi person in charge has been controlled, the case is still under investigation, can not give accurate data. In recent days, the reporter repeatedly call the customer service phone provided on the Web site of the Department of easy home were not open up,mulberry outlet. Multiple Department of easy home real estate agent telephone on numerous websites, and most have been unable to connect. Reporters call the store fixed telephone provided by Mr. Pan, one claiming to be automatically transferred to the man on the phone of the employees in the Department of easy home Sanyuanqiao shop front,mulberry. Man said, are generally Branch collecting rent, on handed the Corporation, after review of the Corporation, and then sent to the next rent branch, branch to the rent to the homeowner, "So, even if the branch gone, the Corporation also may be responsible for "the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Industry website enterprise information query system can query the registration information to the Department of easy home 10 stores. Which does not have any information Sanyuanqiao shops or Tianningsi, and 10 stores in nine storefront business license has been revoked or canceled from 2009 to 2012, only the head office display status is "opened" . Reporter several times in accordance with its registered address lookup failed to find a trace of the company. The related filing procedures intermediary indeed "naked" phone asked this before reporters call the Municipal Construction Committee, the staff said it had received several telephone complaints about the the Wui easy home. Living Construction Committee staff said, in the living Construction Committee found registration only Wui easy Corporation is located in Fengtai District and Three East Bridge Road. "If the other store is also engaged in intermediary services, it should be here in our record." The staff said, the head office or branch, lived Construction Commission filing to engaged in lawful intermediary services. Frankly the the Wui easy home Tianningsi a salesman, only know the head office only for the record, the branch does not record information, "usually only concerned about their own performance, and did not notice the government departments to come check. Living Construction Committee staff that, due to the the Wui easy head office is located in Fengtai District, Fengtai Housing Authority on the matter involved in the investigation. The Fengtai Housing Authority rental Branch staff, said that the housing bureau really understand the situation, but the to debt relationship exists because of the company with another company, the Housing Authority will not be responsible for the company for processing, can only suggest that the victim alarm. Text / reporter Liu Guangbo clues provided / Mr Pan Ms,hollister outlet. Qiu Do not let the intermediary qualification regulatory vacuum in recent years, the rental market has been in a "warming" rents continued to rise so that the size of the real estate agency increasingly rapid assessment more emphasis on housing leases a business, and is accompanied by the rental disputes also continued "warming" or even fraud. Engaged in accordance with the provisions of the Housing intermediary services must lived Construction Commission filing, the reporter interviewed a number of real estate agents brokers before, it was said that the Housing Authority had to store checked qualification, it was also said that only the Corporation have the record, the stores did not have record. The management sector regulatory effect how we do not know, but there is no record of Mr. Pan and Ms. Qiu "entrusted" the two stores, Why be in business too "fast" The real estate agency industry sources said, the size of the agency in Beijing nearly half without qualification. Opened a real estate broker stores, from the business sector to obtain a business license even legitimate business, even without living Construction Committee registration, does not seem mandatory measures because registration is just a regulations, strictly for non-compliance is not too illegal. Seen in the media, public punishment limited information, and no record of real estate agent handling mostly a result rectification. Eliminate real estate agent regulatory vacuum "state, the improvement of legislation, the powers and responsibilities of a clear regulatory authorities, or even sit down and talk to a few departments. At least in the case did not live in the Construction Committee of the record, the Trade and Industry Bureau should not give the real estate agent business license. This will not appear Construction Commission complaint tenant homeowners go live, living Construction Committee pushed to the Trade and Industry Bureau, the Trade and Industry Bureau to push this to the Court, after all, the real estate agency "streaking" illegal low cost or the cost of non-compliance,louboutin pas cher, consumer the very high cost of rights. The Man / two brothers (original title: Real Estate Agents "streaking" Who tubes)
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