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MessagePosté le: 18 Avr 2013, 07:45    Sujet du message: Traffic police take advantage of the open space of Répondre en citant

's Liang said,mulberry outlet, before feeding the fish just finished, went to the market to buy some back feeding,louboutin pas cher. Followed him approached, the "open space" on the end of the yard a rugged venues tend to emerge the few onions child and one behind screens cloth around "mysterious world" intermittent came several chicken sounds. Last year, the European Zhi-Liang when arrived in niufozhen squadron think the squadron environment is poor: the car Luantingluanfang do not say, and the yard overgrown with weeds. Such an environment, in units for the home police, the lack of a sense of belonging. Privately, dirty environment also bear a grudge. "According to bovine Buddha squadron commander Wang Li, squadron four police home in urban areas, away from the unit very far, very inconvenient to commute. So we usually live in the squadron, only to go home and rest one day weekly holiday, get some change of clothes. In order to improve the working and living environment, in September last year,abercrombie, the squadron decided to yard makeover In addition to the specific functions into the office area, the vacant position of the yard planning use. Do-it-yourself police change "farmer" outside the working area with an over 100 square meters, the original overgrown ridges were filled mined, the first half is used to grow vegetables, the latter half enclosed poultry farming. Squadron of police after about two weeks of concerted collaboration of overgrown wasteland built a small, well-groomed farms. "Farms" built from the market, everyone chipped in to buy vegetable seeds, poultry pups. Wang Li said,ナイキ スニーカー, at the beginning, "farms" by the police after work turns to look after. However, for the police adept at maintaining traffic order and deal with traffic accidents, play the role of a "farmer" can be regarded as stumped them. Are wanderers in the city, can not do farm work. "Said Wang Li,グッチ 財布, farms just completed, often see young police standing in the vegetable plot seems hand no foot measures, do not know how to start . " The Finally, vegetables burden falls on the farmland European players of good body, after his patience under the guidance of, tillage, sowing, fertilizing, watering ...... finally successfully sowed the first seeds. Improve their lives Province, more than 1000 yuan before the Spring Festival every year, the first batch of sowing onion, lettuce and other vegetables finally in everyone's looking forward to the next harvest,mulberry outlet, poultry grew. Looking at the "farm" fruitful results, the police were very excited. Wang Li said that before the Spring Festival cafeteria to eat lettuce, poultry meat are produced in farms. Last year, grown vegetables in the ground can not finish, extra chickens and ducks also allowed to me to go home for the holiday, eat pig sold more than 2000 yuan. Selling money used to buy feed and poultry pups own pet eat something assured canteen successive days 'lettuce wholly feast' whole well more than the mouth did not taste. "However, the squadron Taking into account the usually busy after work but also take care of the farms, everywhere at once, and finally had to "responsibility" to the Europe of good. But because of the special feelings "farms",Pay talks migrant workers live-contractors home ga, after work or will help him play along the way,hollister outlet. Wang Li said, the squadron of $ 200 per person per month food allowance, since built "farms", a year down to save funding for food more than 1000 yuan,Girls who saw his mother has been living with her boyfriend at knife cuts open 8. And the food was much improved, "the weather is good, ready to kind of point cowpea, corn, green beans and other seasonal vegetables,ナイキ シューズ." Controversial deputy chief of detachment: as long as it does not affect the work, grow vegetables is a good thing a township police squadron, the use of geographic proximity wasteland farming poultry farming; usually responsible for the police to maintain traffic order, roll up the sleeves busy busy ...... Police farming raising poultry,mulberry outlet, "duties", will not affect the work The squadron leader: the police are after work to grow vegetables with a question yesterday, the Huaxi City Reader reporter went to niufozhen squadron. Cattle Buddha squadron commander Wang Li said: "Our squadron geographically isolated,ナイキ ジョーダン, the police have used the unit for the home,mulberry, to provide a comfortable living environment to the police after work, can make full use of the vacant land, the squadron thought of self-sufficiency self-sufficiency of this approach: a messy wasteland reclamation,, vegetables saved money for the next purchase, improve the food ... and the police are the use of leisure time after work to grow vegetables, to delay the work impossible to Talking about "the masses: dry point farming is fun the area villagers in niufozhen the Jin Zongtao said:" before the piece of open space is indeed very messy,The ultra-out of Yanzhao Ban of the Kaoyan students found that multiplayer score, see dirty, get green like a garden, still looks attractive. Besides vegetables we do not have, more remote, boring life around us, the dry point farming is also a kind of fun, I still support their vegetables. "Detachment leadership: as long as it does not affect the work on Zhao Ping, Zigong City Traffic Police Detachment Vice Captains : "as long as the police do a good their own work, there is no proper job during working hours, using its own conditions to improve their lives is understandable I think in the landscaping at the same time,abercrombie france, but also saves costs, is a good thing,グッチ バッグ. Moreover, their remote location, surrounded by facilities is not complete. their geographic proximity to grow vegetables and chickens,グッチ, work life balance, according to personal preference, I think it can. "Source: Huaxi Dushi Bao
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